Le Pain Quotidien

What happened at Villagio mall last week was a tragedy and we sincerely mourn the loss of lives. But today we dedicate this post to one of our favourite places at Villagio - Le Pain Quotidien (PQ). Though it shut down much before the fire, we know it was a popular place for families and there are good memories associated with the place for many. While there are no other branches in Qatar yet, we have been to branches in Dubai and Istanbul and can testify for the same good quality and service. Have you been to any other PQ? Any good stories about the one in Qatar? Let us know. Next week we return to our regular programing.

Where is it: Villagio Mall

When is it : 9AM onwards -All Day Breakfast

What was on the menu
Baker’s goods, Breakfast Specials, Hot Breakfast and Breakfast Platters which means from biscotti to full featured combos. Qar 5 to Qar 60.

What we ate:



I had a PQ breakfast platter which includes a baker’s basket, choice of pastry and
omelette with coffee. Although, I ordered a plain omelette, it was quite delightfully fluffy.
I really like how they served my mocha, in a bowl instead of the usual mug.


doesn’t the froth look like Africa?


Kavi: In the interest of giving our readers a fair and comprehensive review, I decided to forego the safety of eggs for breakfast and ordered waffles instead. And o boy! It was the best choice. The waffles were just right: not too hard and not too chewy. These are undoubtedly the best waff les I have ever had. The portion was perfect too! The kind that fills you up but leaves you hungry for lunch.

A special note on the breads. Unlike Paul, we found the bread in the baker’s basket, soft and easy on the teeth.

 : Good ambience, lots of variety
Kavi: Delumptious but noisy