Where: Farggi- Gate Mall
When: 9 am onwards (if you are lucky)

What’s on the menu:Omelettes and other egg products (if available) cost between QAR 35 to QAR 55.

What we ate:

Hani: Had what they call as a “bussinesman breakfast”. A simpleton like me didn’t know what that means because the menu cryptically described nothing. When asked, we were told it would have bacon, grated mozzarella cheese, scrambled eggs, hash brown and some white bread.

Kavi: Dine at Dawn guest (and funnyman) Ramy Khalaf and I ordered what they called, “designer omelettes”. And we were both equally disappointed by the bland eggs that were served up. It’s never a good sign when half the dishes in the menu are unavailable. Also we should have taken a cue from the somewhat hideous looking menu.


Hani: Just got what my omelette name means, to make the maximum business out of the man eating. Quantity was limited for the price, other places will serve you all of this with a coffee too.

Kavi: Bunkumhouse

You might wonder what luck has anything to do with their timings. Ramy and Kavi reached Farggi at 9am - which is the official opening time. Now in the past, when we have arrived at a restaurant at the opening time, the eatery is usually up and running, clean and ready to take orders. But at Farggi, their opening time is quite ..er.. literal. They only opened shutters at 9. They were busy cleaning up and setting up stations till about 9.30. We placed our order around 9.45 with the waiter who had to set away his broom to attend to us. If it’s an everyday affair then they should officially change their timing to 10 am like MBCo upstairs.

Half the items the menu were not available. When we wanted to have waffles, we were told it would take over half an hour because they were not ready. Long story short, there was nothing redeemable about having breakfast at this place. Not even the delicious, creamy hot chocolate nor the heavenly smelling Gate Mall.