Yum Yum - K108 Hotel

Where: 80 Ibn Abdul Muttalib Street, Al Ghanem

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When: 7:30 to 11:30 am

What’s on the menu: Eggs (Norwegian, Chef’s Style etc), Crepes, Waffles, Cheeses all ranging from QR 12 - 25.

The buffet costs about QR 65 though and wasn’t available the day we visited. We’ve taken some pics this morning though (yep, fresh off the oven):

What we ate:


When I came in, I began to doubt that I will have a good experience here.I had a chef’s special omelet which has the above, also not completely visible is a brown toasted bread which was on the burnt side ( even on the picture it is to the side) and I even enjoyed it. The franks, eggs and bacon were good, the franks being the best in taste. The potatoes were overcrooked and couldn’t hold themselves together with the a poke from a fork.

Kavi: I ordered the waffles in the hope of finding a suitable replacement for PQ. I was somewhat disappointed. The waffles tasted somewhat chewy and rubbery. Although the syrup helped somewhat, I was already eying Hani’s breakfast.

Sybil’s Breakfast:

For the final time- Qatari expat Sybil knox joined us and she enjoyed her breakfast thoroughly.


Pleasantly surprised with what they have to offer, you can select from a variety of more than 8 tea flavors.

Kavi: Biffsquiggle waffles. But great view, quiet settings and very very very (thrice for emphasis) friendly serving staff.