Tim Hortons

Where: Ezdan Mall
When: 8 am to 12:00 pm

What’s on the menu: 

Two segmented options 
Breakfast Sandwich ( Choice of Biscuit or Bagel or English muffin)
Breakfast Panini ( Choice of white or multi-grain) and we thought Paninis were also sandwiches.
Prices range from 11 to QAR 19 for the standalone item and  with combos QAR 19 to 27.

What we ate:

Hani: I ordered a breakfast Panini with beef strips ( bacon in other words) and waited for the order (which meant that the Panini contents were most likely freshly prepared).

When our arrived food arrived it was half the size of what I had imagined it would be. Taste was just average and as I was eating I recalled another breakfast we’ve already reviewed earlier. As I took my first bite, I got the taste of bread and egg and not of the beef strips. I lifted up one slice slightly to find no beef strip.

That’s when Kavi discovered my beef strip residing in her sandwich. Well, at least they put it in another sandwich.

Kavi: I had a Biscuit sandwich with egg and cheese. Or at least I thought that’s what I would be getting. They were kind enough to throw in a beef strip which I donated to Hani’s Panini (Hani’s Panini sounds like a great name a Panini chain we should totally open; Hani whaddya reckon?). The taste was kinda meh and certainly doesn’t justify the price. The supposedly premium hot chocolate was a bust too. For the kind of “cuisine” that Tim Hortons offers, I am afraid McDonalds is the unrivalled champion.

Hani: I’d rather go to MC D’s, at least they’ve convenient locations and timings.

Kavi: Biffsquiggle


Brazilia Cafe

Where: Salwa Road, Next to Crepaway

When: 9 am to 11:30 am

What’s on the menu: 

Omelette, Omelette Croissants and Manakeesh. QAR: 8 to 35. Pretty diverse, ain’t it?

What we ate:


Okay, before I start talking about the food, I will talk about their service.
Snail pace food preparation and serving time. The waiting staff also have a penchant for getting orders wrong. I ordered a Pizza Manakeesh but what I got was assorted manakeesh instead. No way did I have any hope for the food. When I had my first bite, it was a total game changer. Soft bread with a little less amount of toppings quantity but warm just to the right degree.


Kavi: As soon as you walk into Brazilia, the stench of a horrible mistake hits you. It is a mixture of cigarette smoke, terrible music and shady patrons. No this is not a seedy night club. Just a terribly managed cafe. I ordered an item named intriguingly “Brazilia’s Omelette Croissant”. What I had imagined I would get was this or this or even this. After having waited for what felt like a week, our food finally arrived. As you can see, the croissant was nowhere to be found. We decided to wait a few minutes, given Doha’s traffic; it is understandable if the croissant was stuck in a jam (see what I did there?). But it never showed up. We reminded the waiter about the other promised half of my ordered food and he shook his head and pointed in the general direction of cold stale croissants in a plastic box sitting next to last week’s cakes and pastries in the display.

The weight of crushing disappointment ruined the taste of what appeared to be a rather delicious omelette. I am hard pressed to justify another visit to this dark hole (no, it was literally dark in there).

Go when you have a lot of time on your hands and laze around till your food arrives.

Kavi: Delumptious food but Swatchwallop service

Lime Cafe

Where: Movenpick Tower, West Bay

When: 7 am to 11 am.

What’s on the menu: 

Five pre-decided breakfast set menus. Arabic, Energy, Lime Café and Westbay breakfast and not to forget the bread basket. Prices form QAR 30 to 92.

What we ate:

As usual I ordered myself the largest combo available, that being the
West Bay breakfast. It comprised eggs, bacon, hash brown, breakfast pastries, sausages, juice and a choice of coffee or tea! Phew, I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete this in one breath.


Taste aspects, the eggs were lightly crisp! Quantity on my plate was not as much as my description would have made you to believe. Places that are not half as fancy usually have at least 2 hash browns, 2 sausages or 2 strips of Bacon. So quite naturally I polished off my plate (except the nuisance halved tomato). They just had one person manning the cash and the floor. He was able to do everything on his own.


Kavi: Against my better judgment, I ordered an “Energy Breakfast” that consisted of Grapefruit juice, brown bread, honey, butter, low fat yoghurt, tea and a fruit platter. Now I would imagine for some who’s a health buff, all of this must be very appetizing. But somehow the idea of consuming sweet stuff for breakfast doesn’t energize me in the least. There isn’t much to be said in the form of review. You can’t really go very wrong with fresh fruits or butter. However, the service was outstanding. With no help whatsoever, one person was able to greet customers, take orders and serve at all the tables.


Hani: Quantity is less compared to the price charged- food is not exceptional.  

Kavi: Biffsquiggle food but FIVE STAR service.

Insterestingness: They serve a small Toblerone with their hot drinks :)

Deja Vu

Where: Souq Waqif - as with other places here as outdoor seating space and
is particularly nice to dine outside in this weather.

When: 10 am onwards

What’s on the menu:

Cereals, omelettes, eggs and crepes, Prices from QAR 5 to 30

What we ate:


I ordered myself a pizza omelette. In the beginning, I thought it would be an omelet with all the ingredients of a pizza. To my surprise, it was an actual pizza made of egg rather than pizza dough. It was as appetizing as it looks although the quantity was a bit less to be considered as a complete meal. Using your hands to pull out slices to eat the pizza does not work well with this pizza. The combination of the ingredients was well selected and proportionate. There were just two things that were left on my plate from my order. One was the layer of oil left from the egg base and the over-sized onion piece bulging out of the pizza (as pictured above).


Kavi: I ordered scrambled eggs and toast. As you can see the eggs were totally bland, bereft of any traces of salt, pepper etc. I would never order this again from Deja Vu. But I did have a few bites of the delicious pizza like dish that Hani ordered and boy was it tasty. It had plenty of flavor and wasn’t too heavy.


Hani: Late breakfast serving but will get you back.

Kavi: Biffsquiggle scrambled eggs. Delumptious pizza omelet. But watch out for pigeons. They like to take a dump on unsuspecting diners. Let’s just say we had some first hand experience.

Caffe Vergnano 1882

Where: Qatar Sports Club (They are also located in the Villagio Mall, The Pearl and )

When: 24 hours (Only at QSC)

What’s on the menu: Other than the individual croissants and muffins(QAR 10 to 14), three items are available as breakfast options. Mediterranean Breakfast, Italian omelette and Delizioso egg panino (QAR 35 to 46)

What we ate:



I picked the Italian omelet which tasted like ‘skimmed’ eggs. It felt too light and I was feeling empty soon afterwards. It also tasted quite bland which I remedied with a generous helping of black pepper. However their style of presentation, their cutlery and staff all were very impressive.

I ate the Delizioso panino and boy did it live up to its name. Aside from the omelette, the sandwich contains fresh parsley, fresh basil and oregano all of which make it a delightfully herby sandwich. However the sandwich can be improved by making the omelette a little less dry. But that’s just me nitpicking. I also wish there were more breakfast options to choose from. From Hani’s review, it appears my choice was the only item worth having. However be warned at QR35, this egg sandwich does not come cheap.

Their hot chocolate is very Italian in consistency. This means you should expect a thick, saucy, soup-like melted chocolate. Is this your kind of hot chocolate? Then Caffe Vergnano is the place to be.



I should probably stick with their coffees.

Kavi: Delumptious 

W Cafe

Where: W hotel, Ground Floor

When: Daily from 6am -11 pm

What’s on the menu:

W Breakfast- 60 QR
Sausage, 2 eggs any style, grilled mushrooms, sauteed potatoes

Continental Breakfast -70 QR
Fruit Platter or Toast, Orange Juice and a hot Drink

2 Eggs any style -50 QR
with Saute Mushrooms, baby spinach and grilled cherry tomatoes

Egg Benedict -50 QR
2 poached eggs and spinach on crostini with hollandaise sauce

What we ate:


Unusually I chose the least priced item-Egg Benedict - with well done yolks and
well toasted bread. Felt light yet satisfied with the combination of a honey latte.
Might as well have made them into a sandwich and gobbled away at the light taste. Paying this much for a sandwich isn’t easy though. Honey latte is quite good, beats having to put sugar in the coffee! I think I will be searching for this option from now on for coffees that are slightly strong hence bitter.


I ordered the W Breakfast. Although they offered to add cheese (which I declined due to my dislike for cheddar), the scrambled eggs were a bit bland. It would have been great to have a few herb seasonings or a different kind of cheese to add a bit of flavor. Even a dash of parmesan would have been helpful. The bread (which resembles cake in the photo) was delicious. A larger slice would make this breakfast even better. The hot chocolate is a great contender for the “Best Hot Chocolate in Doha” category. But that award still rests with Jones the Grocer because the latter is cheaper by QR15 and has a larger quantity. Tastewise however, W Cafe’s hot chocolate is smooth, rich, dark and absolutely heavenly.


Kavi: Delumptious.


On the expensive side but the refreshing and calm ambiance calls for it. Service is prompt.


Where: Farggi- Gate Mall
When: 9 am onwards (if you are lucky)

What’s on the menu:Omelettes and other egg products (if available) cost between QAR 35 to QAR 55.

What we ate:

Hani: Had what they call as a “bussinesman breakfast”. A simpleton like me didn’t know what that means because the menu cryptically described nothing. When asked, we were told it would have bacon, grated mozzarella cheese, scrambled eggs, hash brown and some white bread.

Kavi: Dine at Dawn guest (and funnyman) Ramy Khalaf and I ordered what they called, “designer omelettes”. And we were both equally disappointed by the bland eggs that were served up. It’s never a good sign when half the dishes in the menu are unavailable. Also we should have taken a cue from the somewhat hideous looking menu.


Hani: Just got what my omelette name means, to make the maximum business out of the man eating. Quantity was limited for the price, other places will serve you all of this with a coffee too.

Kavi: Bunkumhouse

You might wonder what luck has anything to do with their timings. Ramy and Kavi reached Farggi at 9am - which is the official opening time. Now in the past, when we have arrived at a restaurant at the opening time, the eatery is usually up and running, clean and ready to take orders. But at Farggi, their opening time is quite ..er.. literal. They only opened shutters at 9. They were busy cleaning up and setting up stations till about 9.30. We placed our order around 9.45 with the waiter who had to set away his broom to attend to us. If it’s an everyday affair then they should officially change their timing to 10 am like MBCo upstairs.

Half the items the menu were not available. When we wanted to have waffles, we were told it would take over half an hour because they were not ready. Long story short, there was nothing redeemable about having breakfast at this place. Not even the delicious, creamy hot chocolate nor the heavenly smelling Gate Mall.


Where: Lagoon Plaza (also in Parcel 1, Porto Arabia, The Pearl Qatar)
Breakfast served daily 8 AM to 12 PM
What’s on the menu: Croissants and eggs ranging from QR 10 to QR 27

What we ate:



I ordered for an omelette with extras, cheese and bacon. Have you noticed how side-items (the ones served free) if even not good, don’t ruin your experience as long as your paid for items taste good. The bacon was so-so, the cheese in the omelette though was well spread, the side-items were barely noticeable here.

With my breakfast, had a mint lemonade which was also made well.


Kavi: I ordered an omelette with herbs. It was the perfect quantity and tasted as good as a herb omelette can get. The hot chocolate tasted a bit honeylike like they’d substituted honey for sugar.

In terms of ambience, it was remarkably noisy with TV running and music playing at the same time. While they have a well stocked book-shelf, the noise could kill your mood for reading. The service was great; attentive yet unobtrusive.

Hani’s Verdict: A good experience, prices are alright and a little Hi to the guy looking into the camera (Find Waldo, will you?)

Kavi’s verdict: Delumptious

Batteel Cafe

Where: Batteel Cafe, Salwa Road

When: Saturdays ONLY: 8:30 to 11:30 am (although their website implies otherwise)

What’s on the menu: Breakfast priced at QR55 per person with a variety
that’s palatable for both eastern and western breakfast lovers.
Fruits, cereal, salads, croissants, noodles, jams, butter, eggs, sausages, beef, donuts etc.

The seating area in the second floor is quite different from the other places, as one doesn’t always get a view like this from other eateries in Qatar:

What we ate:

Hani: Although both of us chose the same buffet, I had a little extra.

My plate has french toast, hommous, foul, mushrooms with spinach, beef steak, chicken shawarma.

The taste was good, especially loved the beef and sausages were nice as well, the other items were just alright to fill. For what they were offering, I was expecting it to be a lot more expensive. But it turned out to be pretty reasonably priced. The pastries like the muffins are not as great as the delicious cakes that Bateel is famous for.

Kavi: I am not much for sweet stuff, although Hani is. So for me the buffet was quite regular fare. The shawerma was pretty mediocre, but the french toast and eggs made up for it. The place has good servers who pay the right amount of attention. No noisy kids running about (lack of space, you see) and no tacky music.. also a bonus, a good family seating area.

Hani’s verdict: Super choice for a decent price.

Kavi’s verdict: Biffsquiggle.


Where: MBCo, Gate Mall

When: Every day (except Friday):10 AM-10 PM. On Fridays (3PM - 10 PM)

What’s on the menu: Mostly, different kinds of omelettes. A small selection of healthy breakfast options. The price range is from QR17-32 for the food.

What we ate:

Hani: I had the classic 3-cheese omelet with two sides-cup of berries and breakfast potatoes. All eggs are served with roasted baguette, which had the right level of crispiness and saltiness. I also had a glass of Orangina, made with soda and Orange juice, which tasted alright. The portions were good, too.

Kavi: I ordered an oven baked egg-white omelette and hot chocolate (a recurring theme on this blog). The omelette was quite good despite the over-powering taste of goat cheese. It was mildly disappointing though, that despite being recently opened, they were unable to provide some of the items on the menu. Nothing exotic, mind you. They didn’t have sausages (essential to any good breakfast) and beef strips. I have no complaints about the taste or service. But it’s really hard to judge the service from this experience given that we were the ONLY customers and there were at least four servers in the restaurant.


Hani: The timings of the restaurant are a bit awkward, I mean who has breakfast at 10 am in the morning?
Not a single full menu item i.e drink/eggs/beans combo
Ambiance and service is good though

Kavi: Biffsquiggle. But inconvenient for those who like their breakfast on time (and not in the middle of day, too close to lunch time).