Ma Maison

Where : Al- Emadi Complex

When: 8AM to 11AM

What’s on the menu: Fixed menus for breakfast- such as continental – oriental, healthy etc. as well as stand-alone omelettes. QAR 12 to 44

What we ate:


Hani : I ordered the Ma Maison set breakfast. This comes with Choice of eggs, bacon, Sauteed Mushrooms, diced potatoes and a choice of tea or coffee. The omelette I ordered was a plain variety and tasted fine without any seasoning. The bacon was more of left overs added to a plate and not the usual complete strip-pan fired to perfection. The diced potatoes were not fried- but rather blanched and had a steam cooked texture. This usually means that they were rather soft and not of starchy uptight, crisp nature. The coffee – a cappuccino was above Doha average.


Kavi: I ordered a good ol’ cheese omelette which I had serious misgivings about. But the weather was nice, cold and windy and demanded a hot cheesy egg and so I caved in. If you’ll ignore the half-hearted vegetables on the side, the eggs were actually quite delicious. The cheese was added in just the right amount, which complemented the eggs without overwhelming it. I always hate it when restaurants just dice up a couple of tomatoes and cucumbers and throw it in to make it look like I cooked it up. Besides, I don’t know who enjoys cucumbers and tomatoes with their eggs. But the omelette was delicious and if you’re “hungover” from the Starbucks near by or going shopping for Cadillac, start here!


Hani: Average taste but prepared with affection.

Kavi: Delumptious!

#interestingness factor: Ma maison has a weird wallpapered wall with a narrow opening, giving the illusion that the people sitting beyond the opening are actually sitting behind you! Go check it out!

Deja Vu

Where: Souq Waqif - as with other places here as outdoor seating space and
is particularly nice to dine outside in this weather.

When: 10 am onwards

What’s on the menu:

Cereals, omelettes, eggs and crepes, Prices from QAR 5 to 30

What we ate:


I ordered myself a pizza omelette. In the beginning, I thought it would be an omelet with all the ingredients of a pizza. To my surprise, it was an actual pizza made of egg rather than pizza dough. It was as appetizing as it looks although the quantity was a bit less to be considered as a complete meal. Using your hands to pull out slices to eat the pizza does not work well with this pizza. The combination of the ingredients was well selected and proportionate. There were just two things that were left on my plate from my order. One was the layer of oil left from the egg base and the over-sized onion piece bulging out of the pizza (as pictured above).


Kavi: I ordered scrambled eggs and toast. As you can see the eggs were totally bland, bereft of any traces of salt, pepper etc. I would never order this again from Deja Vu. But I did have a few bites of the delicious pizza like dish that Hani ordered and boy was it tasty. It had plenty of flavor and wasn’t too heavy.


Hani: Late breakfast serving but will get you back.

Kavi: Biffsquiggle scrambled eggs. Delumptious pizza omelet. But watch out for pigeons. They like to take a dump on unsuspecting diners. Let’s just say we had some first hand experience.

Sri Kebaya

Where: Souq Waqif

When: Daily from 10am onwards

What’s on the menu:

Eggs and Roti Canai QAR 3 to 16

What we ate:


Had what is known as a Lipat Selendang, an egg crepe stuffed with vegetables.
Much like the prices of this place, the egg was light. Didn’t fill even a bit of my belly. If it weren’t for the cucumber and mint drink, I would’ve been eating up another 2 servings of the dish. Taste was rather good compared to the expectations I had of the taste.


Kavi: I ordered a Roti Canai which is sold as ‘Roti-Prata’ in Singapore. It is essentially a flat bread made of flour, egg and possibly copious amounts of butter. It was served with some curry on the side. The roti is fluffy, slight flaky, very eggy and tastes amazing. Unlike Hani’s dish, this was quite filling. I would say, don’t try the curry because it dilutes the great taste of the roti. For QAR12, this is an absolute steal. Go try it, today! But beware of the terrible music and the tacky interiors. Also, avoid the tea!


Hani: Worthy of a try, prices are good and so’s the taste

Kavi: Delumptious


Where it was: Tiffanys, Merweb Hotel, Al Sadd

When it was : 6 AM to 10.30 AM

What was on the menu: A buffet of baked beans, sausages, eggs, sliced meats, cereal, fruits and much more. All for QR 65. They also four set menu options of Mini Continental (QR25), Viennese (QR35), Asian (QR35) and Arabic (QR35).


Hani: I had the buffet breakfast and was very excited when I chose it. I took a full plate of food on the first go. Baked beans, tomatoes, hash browns, sausages and chicken picatta. Don’t let the pictures fool you, other than the eggs and the Foul beans, didn’t find anything worth remembering.
The service I felt was over-efficient though, they were ready to take our orders the moment we sat to dine- taking my tea cup, even before I had finished, without bothering to ask if I was done.


Kavi: I ordered the Asian option because I wanted to try something completely new. And boy was it DELICIOUS. They served me 2 very soft rotis (Indian bread), yummy omelets, pickle, plain yogurt, chickpea curry and vegetables.


They were all so good. My only complaint would be that the helpings of yoghurt, curry and pickle are so generous, there weren’t enough chapattis to finish them off completely. Would I eat this again? Oh yes!

You are very familiar with my love for hot chocolate. This one was different because it came with a large chocolate lollipop that you swirl around in the hot steaming chocolate making the drink so much more creamier.



Hani: I wouldn’t go for the buffet, if I were you.
KAVI: Scrumdiddleyumptious. GO THERE NOW!


Where: 6 La Croisette, The Pearl Qatar

When: All day breakfast, daily from 9am.

What’s on the menu: Viennoiserie And Eggs priced between QAR 12 to 55.


I had poached eggs “florentine” - Eggs with pan sauteed spinach and cheesy bechamel buttered toast. Other than the normal white bread toast, enjoyed everything on my plate, the look of the preparation shows that the meal was
exceptionally prepared. The spinach looked just blanched and lightly cooked so
that my mind successfully led me to believe it was healthy eating and I gobbled it up accordingly. The good experience was ruined by a bad tasting of something as
explained below.

Kavi: I ordered Poached Eggs “Mentonise”, which the menu describes as “two poached eggs on creamy polenta with sundried tomatoes, artichokes and black olives”. The eggs were so beautiful to look at, I didn’t want to eat it. But my “sundried tomatoes” looks like grilled baby tomatoes. I don’t know much about cooking, but I am sure the two tomatoes aren’t interchangable. My supposedly “creamy polenta” was dry and terrible to taste. I had Hani taste it too, just to be sure this wasn’t my imagination. The black olives were on holiday, apparently. So the only part they got right was the eggs.

The water melon juice very dreamy and its visual appeal led to its taste being enjoyable too.

Hani: Satisfactory Experience

Kavi: Bunkumhouse

Jones the grocer

Where: The Gate Shopping Centre, adjacent to Salam Plaza and opposite City Center Doha

When: Breakfast served 8 AM to 11.45 AM on weekdays and 8 AM to 3 PM on weekends

What’s on the menu:

Toasts, Eggs, Porridge, fritters and muesli. Qar 16 to 49

What we ate:


I ordered myself sweet corn fritters, that are served with cherry tomato relish (a first!), poached egg and rocket salad all of which cost QR 38. The food was well prepared. And despite including fried items, I still felt light after finishing it (can also be attributed to small quantity). There was a bit of an extra salty aftertaste because of the fritters. My palate although was neatly cleared by the good coffee I had with my breakfast. The environment is lively to the scale of Ric’s at mid morning but with an upmarket ambiance. Jones also has a unique selection of staff from different parts of the world who will come and give you personal attention.

I went the safe route and ordered omelettes and sour dough bread toast. I was already getting excited when the waitress asked me if I wanted it medium or well done (no one’s ever asked me that before!). The hot chocolate I ordered was dark and creamy. It didn’t taste Nesquicky or thick and syrupy like Italian chocolate. It was so good, I ordered two. When the eggs came I was just ever so slightly disappointed that there was so much empty space on my plate.I usually like for it to be brimming with food. But all of my disappointment vanished when I bit into the eggs. It was perfectly well done and delicious. The best part was the toast. It was soft without being soggy and yet had the crispiness of a toasted bread. My cutlery didn’t need to wrestle with it to cut it down (as usually is the case most of the time). Overall, the food was wonderful.


Small portions, must eat 2 portions of each, attentive staff with good tasting food.
As the name suggests this is also a grocer(y) so you can buy interestingly sourced food items and kitchen appliances for domestic godliness after your meals.

Kavi: Scrumdiddleyumptious. It was so good, we went there again the next day. But be warned, it is priced slightly higher than average and the ambiance on weekends is super noisy. Unless you get there early (around 8 or 9 am), expect to wait for 10-15 minutes before being seated.


Where: The Pearl Qatar, Parcel 10 

When: Monday to Thursday and Sunday 10am - 12am; Friday to Saturday 10am - 1am

What’s on the menu: Different kinds of eggs, selection of croissants, fruit salads, costs between QAR 10 to QAR 46.

What we ate:


Knowing my hunger (games) I usually end up choosing the largest offering
in the menu, this time I chose Carluccio’s Colazione Magnifica -which had eggs, turkey bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomato and italian bread. With the option of having coffee or tea with fresh fruit juice. Among the very few places to have filtered pomegranate juice- -ah bliss! The mushrooms served with the dishes could as well be anchovies due to the salt factor. There was enough salt in them to cover for all the other items on the plate. Like the eggs, my latte was also well prepared.

Kavi: I ordered scrambled eggs with mushrooms and hot chocolate (as usual). The eggs were light, fluffy and had a dash of cheese and herbs. The portion was just right. Not too heavy and yet filling. But the mushrooms were too salty to eat. I ended up leaving all of them behind. We also had a friend and painter extraordinaire Zoe Hawk with us this time. Here’s her review in her own words, "My eggs benedict was delicious: the Hollandaise sauce was light and perfectly buttery with a hint of lemon, not too thick or heavy. I always enjoy the atmosphere at Carluccio’s in the morning; it’s bright and airy inside, and I like the option to sit on the patio when it’s not too hot outside."

This is what the eggs benedict looked like


Hani: Breakfast menu is competitively priced over their other menu, if you are the type of person that likes to have breakfast in a place that’s bustling with activity, this one will suit you right.

Kavi: Delumptious BUT the atmosphere isn’t really my kind. It’s a family restaurant which means, expect lots of wailing babies and noisy kids. The first time I visited Carluccio’s a kid next to my table, threw up on the floor and the parents didn’t even bother cleaning it up. Needless to say: super unpleasant. The staff didn’t clean the floor too often leading to crumbs and food lying around the floor. This brings me to my next pet peeve: FLIES. It could be because we were seated close to the door but the flies in the restaurant were just too annoying to ignore and ruins a good dining experience. The waiters however did pay us attention and served us food in good time and inquired if we’d had a good experience. 

Sabah Wa Masa

Where: Salwa Road- near Sushi Minto and Crepaway

When: Breakfast served daily

What’s on the menu: They have a large menu offering a variety of breakfast friendly food that can be. They also have a special breakfast menu with different kinds of hommous, fatteh bil laban, foul, eggs etc.The menu also includes traditional Lebanese offerings like batata harra and fattouch. Overall the price ranges from QR 8 to 45, the highest priced item being a Pizza.

Like Ric’s, the menu was so large, we went twice to try a wider sample.

What we ate:


The first time I had a hommos bi kawarma which was served very differently from any other hommos I’ve ever eaten before (Now I am a bit confused if I should spell hommos the american way, without the U). It tasted satisfactory. The second time around I ordered a beef sandwich with laban taza. Although it tasted good, this sandwich was nothing more than a regular shawarma.The Laban was a bit salty for my liking. My overall experience was averaging between ok to good.

Kavi: On my first trip, I ordered a falafel which was extremely tasty. It was hot, crispy and the quantity felt right. The second time I ordered eggs which was served in a rather innovative way. The taste was alright, but the quantity was a bit disappointing. I kept picking at the pie like covering hoping it would fill me up.

Hani’s Verdict: Easy dining, non-nosy waiters. The way I see it Sabah wa Masa, feels like a knock off of Zaatar w Zeit which we enjoyed tremendously.

Kavi’s Verdict: Biffsquiggle

While I enjoyed Sabah wa Masa a lot more than Hani, I prefer Zaatar w Zeit for two reasons. ZwZ, at Souq Waqif is a great location. Sabah W Masa is located at the Ramada Junction where the traffic is always a nightmare and parking is a hassle. The menu of ZwZ might be smaller, but Sabah w Masa is cluttered, crowded and not always appealing.

A big shout-out to @pistonkidd for joining us!