Jones the grocer

Where: The Gate Shopping Centre, adjacent to Salam Plaza and opposite City Center Doha

When: Breakfast served 8 AM to 11.45 AM on weekdays and 8 AM to 3 PM on weekends

What’s on the menu:

Toasts, Eggs, Porridge, fritters and muesli. Qar 16 to 49

What we ate:


I ordered myself sweet corn fritters, that are served with cherry tomato relish (a first!), poached egg and rocket salad all of which cost QR 38. The food was well prepared. And despite including fried items, I still felt light after finishing it (can also be attributed to small quantity). There was a bit of an extra salty aftertaste because of the fritters. My palate although was neatly cleared by the good coffee I had with my breakfast. The environment is lively to the scale of Ric’s at mid morning but with an upmarket ambiance. Jones also has a unique selection of staff from different parts of the world who will come and give you personal attention.

I went the safe route and ordered omelettes and sour dough bread toast. I was already getting excited when the waitress asked me if I wanted it medium or well done (no one’s ever asked me that before!). The hot chocolate I ordered was dark and creamy. It didn’t taste Nesquicky or thick and syrupy like Italian chocolate. It was so good, I ordered two. When the eggs came I was just ever so slightly disappointed that there was so much empty space on my plate.I usually like for it to be brimming with food. But all of my disappointment vanished when I bit into the eggs. It was perfectly well done and delicious. The best part was the toast. It was soft without being soggy and yet had the crispiness of a toasted bread. My cutlery didn’t need to wrestle with it to cut it down (as usually is the case most of the time). Overall, the food was wonderful.


Small portions, must eat 2 portions of each, attentive staff with good tasting food.
As the name suggests this is also a grocer(y) so you can buy interestingly sourced food items and kitchen appliances for domestic godliness after your meals.

Kavi: Scrumdiddleyumptious. It was so good, we went there again the next day. But be warned, it is priced slightly higher than average and the ambiance on weekends is super noisy. Unless you get there early (around 8 or 9 am), expect to wait for 10-15 minutes before being seated.