The One Cafe

Where: The One, Landmark Mall
Many people would still be surprised once they find out that, yes, there actually is a cozy eatery right inside a furniture shop!

When: Saturday-Thursday :from 9am to 12 pm
Friday:1:30 PM onwards

What’s on the menu:

Breakfast Menu is divided into two segments, all Day and Opening Scenes ( 9am to 12 pm) Eggs Benedict, Omelettes, Toasts, Muesli and more. Prices from QR 32 to 44.

What we ate:


Feeling experimental, I ordered myself an Eggs En Cocotte (QR 35) because I didn’t see it in any other menu in Doha. It comes with Gruyere cheese with Mushrooms, spinach,thyme and onion. The bread which you see in the picture is seed and beetroot bread. This is an oven baked dish so were the eggs in zaatar w zeit but these were less fluffier .

First Flash*:
First flash today talks about their fresh fruit juices - the reason for it to be included here is PEAR juice

Also, you have the option to choose omega 3 eggs for an extra, although my ordered dish is pre-prepared so you are stuck with whatever eggs they’ve pre-prepared the dish with. It occurred to me that options for a healthier egg could be available in the menus of the places that we’ve already reviewed but they weren’t mentioned so prominently on the menu.


In my eternal pursuit for great pancakes and waffles, I ordered a Syrniki Pancakes (griddled cottage cheese and raisin pancakes, served with berries, maple syrup, sour cream and home made compotes).  As you can see from my plate, there are three little mini dishes that DO NOT contain maple syrup or sour cream. Just the compotes. So I asked for the maple syrup. And boy was it delicious. The pancakes were sweet but a little stiff. Drenching them in maple syrup or the compotes softens it considerably.

One of the best breakfasts I’ve had, this has become a permanent inclusion in my breakfast list.

Kavi: Delumptious.

I am always impressed when the servers know the menu like they do their own refrigerators. But our server was super confused when we asked for the omega 3 eggs. It took us a while to communicate what we wanted and that’s a bit off putting.

*First Flash is like a news flash but for things that are seen on the menu for the first time.