Ric’s Kountry Kitchen

Where: Ric’s Kountry Kitchen (Near Sana Roundabout, Ras Abou Abboud Street)

When: Breakfast served daily from 6 am

What’s on the menu: This place easily has the largest breakfast menu among all the places we have reviewed thus far. In fact, it was so big we felt the need to visit TWICE to do a properly justified review. We also had to take a picture of the menu because there was TOO MUCH to write down. Don’t believe us? Have a look:

and this is just half of the menu!

Eggs (any style: omelette, sunny side up, scrambled), sausage patties, hash browns, Texas toast, Texas French toast, regular french toast, home fries, biscuit with gravy, breakfast steak, regular pancakes, blueberry pancakes, baked beans, grits, grilled tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, ham, bacon, oatmeal. Phew!

What we ate:

Hani: On my first visit, I had Death By Omelet, two eggs, salsa, ham, and lots of
other things, served with texas toast and sausage patties and orange juice. The eggs were good with the right amount of spice. The sausage patties were well cooked and the texas toast although tasted a bit salty was still delicious.

The second time, I told myself, let’s live it like the Americans, and ordered myself the biggest breakfast dish they had. The Lumberjack! Boy, was it really American and probably had every item on their menu.

I must say that I find their pancakes too dry for my liking. The bottomless lemonade on the other hand tasted good and made it possible to consume what
seemed like a bottomless breakfast.

Kavi: The first time I visited, I felt particularly adventurous and decided to try biscuits and gravy. Now, where I come from, biscuits look like this:


So you can imagine my shock, when the biscuits I ordered looked like this:

In this day and age, it’s always a good idea to whip out your smart phone and at least google an unfamiliar name to avoid such situations. As it happened, we were accompanied by our BFF (and popular blogger) Sybil and her wonderful husband David. They said that biscuits and gravy was a very southern U.S cuisine. So it was little wonder that I didn’t particularly enjoy it. But this is no reflection on the quality of the food as such. Just that it was something whose appreciation required an “acquired taste”.

The second time around, I decided to fall back on old favorites and ordered 2 eggs, hash brown and a Texas toast.

I am not a big fan of the hash brown I’ll admit. It was a lot more greasier than what I am used to. But boy, the toast and eggs more than made up for it. The portions were very generous and the service was excellent. Also want to add that this is perhaps the only place in Doha that serves bottomless lemonade, iced tea, black tea and coffee.

Hani’s verdict: Prices are high but it gets covered by the free refills on selected
drinks. Breakfast served at breakfasts time and serves the blogs name rightly.

Kavi’s verdict: Delumptious.

A few tips for newbies: Parking space isn’t very optimal. So the earlier you get there, the better. You might also need to wait for a few minutes before being seated because the place tends to be full on weekends. If you’re the kind who likes to loiter in a restaurant chatting and catching up with friends long after your meal is done, be sure to leave a good tip (remember the people waiting to be seated?). This brings us to the last point. For me, the idea of going to the counter to pay the bill in a restaurant in Qatar, was new. So don’t be waiting at your table, silently mouthing “Cheque?” to the waitress.