Casper & Gambini

Where: Landmark Mall in between Haagen Dazs and The One

When: Daily from 9am onwards

What’s on the menu: Eggs, Labneh, pancakes Coffee with Croissant
Prices between QAR 18 to 31.

What we ate:


Hani: I had The Gambini Omelet which was with butter bread, bacon
The baby potatoes were mushy and sweet, which does not fit my liking. The cheese instead of making the egg crispy was rather cooked to the degree that it formed a film on almost all the eggs (see egg border in the picture).

I had an after eight mint coffee, I am not sure whether it should’ve tasted the way it tasted, also was very sweet as if I was drinking sugar syrup. These guys have good service but it did seem to me as if it was one of those days …..
Even for the non-breakfast meals that I’ve had from here, nothing has been extraordinary.


Kavi: I ordered the Perfect Pancakes which comes up with maple syrup and fruits. The Pancakes were a bit heavy and not light and fluffy as I had hoped. It had a cake/bread like texture as though it had been baked. Not my favourite kind of pancakes. However, their servers are very attentive and will visit your table to enquire if you’re pleased with food or not. We’ve been to some places which serve good food and have terrible service. This feels like awkward change. We want to say great things about this place but the food is only so-so.


Hani:The food and coffee gave me zero appeal although the attentive service is praise-worthy. Almost like a place where you go not for the food but to enjoy the great service.
But then again, good food with bad service still gets a lot more business.

Kavi: Biffsquiggle

Yum Yum - K108 Hotel

Where: 80 Ibn Abdul Muttalib Street, Al Ghanem

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When: 7:30 to 11:30 am

What’s on the menu: Eggs (Norwegian, Chef’s Style etc), Crepes, Waffles, Cheeses all ranging from QR 12 - 25.

The buffet costs about QR 65 though and wasn’t available the day we visited. We’ve taken some pics this morning though (yep, fresh off the oven):

What we ate:


When I came in, I began to doubt that I will have a good experience here.I had a chef’s special omelet which has the above, also not completely visible is a brown toasted bread which was on the burnt side ( even on the picture it is to the side) and I even enjoyed it. The franks, eggs and bacon were good, the franks being the best in taste. The potatoes were overcrooked and couldn’t hold themselves together with the a poke from a fork.

Kavi: I ordered the waffles in the hope of finding a suitable replacement for PQ. I was somewhat disappointed. The waffles tasted somewhat chewy and rubbery. Although the syrup helped somewhat, I was already eying Hani’s breakfast.

Sybil’s Breakfast:

For the final time- Qatari expat Sybil knox joined us and she enjoyed her breakfast thoroughly.


Pleasantly surprised with what they have to offer, you can select from a variety of more than 8 tea flavors.

Kavi: Biffsquiggle waffles. But great view, quiet settings and very very very (thrice for emphasis) friendly serving staff.